User Account Setup Guide

1. Get Ricoh API Client Credentials

Ricoh API Client Credentials (client ID and client secret) are required to use Ricoh API.
To get Ricoh API Client Credentials, visit RICOH THETA × IoT Developers Contest and register application form.

2. Create User Account

  1. Visit Unified Communication System web page to create an administrator account.

  2. Click “Create an administrator account for managing multiple contacts”.

  3. Fill in the form and click “Send”.

  4. Receive email and click URL in email to finish registration. Then you can use your email address as user ID.

You don’t need to get multiple accounts to stream video. Once you get only ONE account, then you can use multiple user IDs for video streaming by adding “+{string}” after your email address.
* {string} is UTF-8 encoded string.

If you register account using, then you can use the strings below as user IDs:

Communication between other user IDs is NOT supported. So, you cannot stream video from to